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Liquid spray painting lines using organic coatings face a lot of fire risk issues.  There are so many factors which can lead to a fire that to install a painting line without a fire suppression system is a just a gamble. The biggest risk of fire is posed by the electrostatic painting procedure. Compared to the other production facilities, various and diverse specifics have to be considered while designing a fire suppression system for painting lines. Fire protection of liquid spray painting lines is an entirely unique discipline.

A fire can be extinguished within hundreds of  milliseconds.

In fact, this is before it starts.

The protection of painting lines is featured by a fast response detection system and a supply of extinguishing agent. Fire ignition is immediately captured by optical sensors which make sure the production technology is switched off within hundreds of milliseconds which  triggers the extinguishing process. The potential fire is extinguished before it actually starts. In case of electrostatic coating technology the fire suppression system is supplemented with an extinguishing feature in the spraying pistols zone, where the fire ignition is extinguished at a very early stage and the fire does not spread throughout the spraying cabin.

Delivery of the proposed system fulfilling all local and European norms is complete including installation, commissioning and warranty and post-warranty services.

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